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Massage Therapy for your Backache, and your Heartache

World got you down?  Yeah, me too.


But I think I’ve found a way for us both to help.  5% of the cost of every treatment will go directly to charitable causes.  So you can feel good on the outside, and on the inside.  Think of it as massage therapy for your heart muscle.  Do a good thing, feel the good things!!

Curently we are supporting...

Elephant in Wild

African Parks Network

studio doggo

Dougie got into massage therapy because his mother made him.  He has terrible work ethic (sometimes you’ll see him, sometimes you wont), but he more than makes up for it with his sparkling personality.  He’d love to be your friend, but if you’re not a dog person (gasp), he will understand, and make himself scarce.

Education: none (nepotism may have played a part in the hiring process)

Special Skills: ability to grow a non-shedding, hypoallergenic coat

Modalities Offered: snuggling, telepathically telling you you’re awesome, sharing good vibes

Dougie 3.JPG

Dougie Scripnick, K9


of the cost of each treatment goes directly to charitable causes


Reflexology is the manipulation of points on the feet that correspond to all of the organs and systems of the body.  Regular treatments can boost immunity, and help the body achieve and maintain a state of homeostasis.  Wonderful for treating an array of issues, from poor digestion and headaches, to insomnia and more.

If loose and limber is what you're after, there's nothing quite like Thai Massage.  Performed on massage mats on the floor, the therapist uses both hands and feet to bring the patient through a sequence of dynamic stretches and mobilizations.  Please wear comfy clothing that you can move easily in.

60 min - $110 / 90 min - $150

Offered by: Astra

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

 60 min - $110 / 90 min - $150

Offered by: Astra

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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